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NEM 3.0 coming soon! Get a solar system before April 13, 2023, to lock in NEM 2.0 rates!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

PG&E NEM 3.0 is coming soon! For those of you that have not heard of NEM 3.0, let me explain. Customers with solar equipment that produces more power than they are using send that power back to the PG&E grid. These customers are reimbursed for the excess power. Under NEM 3.0, PG&E customers with new solar systems will receive an average of 8 cents per kWh for the excess power their panels produce. This is roughly 75% less than the average export rate of 30 cents per kWh which is the current rate under NEM 2.0. So, new customers have until April 13, 2023, to submit a complete interconnection application for a new solar system and be grandfathered into NEM 2.0. Customers who already have solar are already grandfathered into Nem 2.0 for 20 years. Solar owners that are grandfathered into NEM 2.0 will also be able to add battery storage later and remain on NEM 2.0.
So, now would be the time to get solar, add battery storage, or even add solar to your existing system if it is not covering your bill. If you have been thinking about getting solar and just haven’t gotten around to it, now is the time to get that project going! Give me a call today to schedule a consultation.
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